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    Hi I've been a member forever. I can't remember when I first joined. But switching computers and changing passwords and whatever. It's just so nice to be able to be somewhere the truth is welcome meaning you can say a spade is a spade. There are two problems in the world currently, niggers and niggerlovers. I'm not a violent person but I've known since before Obongo that there was only gonna be one way to throw off the race tyrants, Injections of lead. Bring it boys. I wanna die with my boots on. Free speech isn't nice or pleasant speech and the first amendment isn't to protect nice or free speech. They are locking people up everywhere now for saying the covid shots are DEATH and they ARE! I knew a long time ago the injections were to make white people vote demonkkkrat! Phuck the commies! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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